5 Best Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers in India Under Rs 2,000

best portable wireless bluetooth speaker under rs 2000 in indiaWe found JBL Go is the best portable wireless Bluetooth speaker in India (with Mic) under the price range of Rs 2000. This is one of the best wireless speakers online with more than 12,000 user reviews, 6 different colors, great sound, rechargeable battery up to 5 hours and built-in speakerphone.

Do you love to listen to music while travelling? Then get a portable Bluetooth speaker to enhance your travel experience to the next level. A good portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is a must for all music lovers. You can take it anywhere and connect with wireless.

Let’s explore the list of 5 best wireless portable Bluetooth speakers under Rs 2,000 in India (Compare price, user ratings, reviews).

5 Best Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers in India

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List of Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs 2,000

1. JBL Go Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Our Top Pick)

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2. Philips Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Under Rs 1,500)

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3. SoundBot 12W Bluetooth Speaker

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4. Photron 3W Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Under Rs 1,000)

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5. Sony Extra Bass Portable Splash-Proof Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth and NFC (A good one with little higher budget)

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How To Choose a Portable Bluetooth Speaker Online (Things You Should Know)

These days, many attractive models of wireless Bluetooth speakers are available in the market. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to chose the best wireless speaker for you. But, here are few things that will surely help you to buy the best wireless bluetooth speaker in India. Just try to figure out what exactly you are looking from a portable Bluetooth speaker and then start exploring the available options. Also keep in mind about the budget factor as well.

Size: You will find various sizes of wireless speakers these days. But where are you going to use that? You have to decide that first. E.g. if you want to use the speaker while travelling to the office or any trip, then I think you need a small one so that you can carry the same anywhere. But if you want that for home need, then a bigger size with low cost may not be an issue.

Durability: Are you an adventure sports person? Looking for the best wireless speaker with water resistance? Then you have to look at such speakers online. Although they may come little costly compared to the typical ones, you should buy as per your need only. With a water resistance speaker, you can add spark to your pool parties as well without worrying about.

Power: This is another key feature one should consider before buying wireless speakers online. Typically if you want to buy a speaker just to enhance the volume of your mobile phone or laptop/ desktop I think a 2-4 W speaker is enough for a room. But remember that, they may not be able to provide you enough sound effect. In that case, you have to go for more powerful speakers and accordingly price will be higher too.

Cost: Personally while buying this kind of products, I don’t think one should compromise with the quality. There are many cheap wireless speakers available in the market, but I would not compromise just for few bucks. Try to stick with the popular wireless speaker brands in India like JBL, Sony etc.

Best Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker in India: Conclusion

Do you also think JBL Go is the best wireless Bluetooth speaker in India under Rs 2,000? If you find a better alternative to JBL Go then you can share your experience here by writing a simple comment below. We will surely update this list of top wireless speakers in India.

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