10 Best Pressure Cooker in India 2019

Looking for a good quality pressure cooker online? Do you know which one is the best pressure cooker in India which will fulfill your Indian cooking need and as per your family size?

A pressure cooker is one of the most used kitchen utensils in almost all our kitchen. In fact, we all know why we use a pressure cooker to cook food, without any it cooks fast, save huge gas and energy and makes food tasty.

There are various popular pressure cooker brands in India, then which one is the best one? We will answer all your queries here and help you to buy the best 1l / 2l /3l / 4l / 5l pressure cooker.

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Top 10 Best Pressure Cookers in India

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When it is boiling food or vegetables at home, a typical way of cooking will not only takes time but also spend more gas or fuel. You may have a microwave oven at home, but compared to a microwave using a pressure cooker is much more healthy and the food tastes considerably better.

A pressure cooker can boil whole potatoes in 5 minutes, prepare steam rice in just 7-10 minutes, “roast” a whole chicken in 20 minutes”. The pressure cooker in India is a must need a useful kitchen appliance that one can’t avoid.

Top 10 Pressure Cooker Brands in India 2019

Here we have listed the 10 pressure cooker companies who have gained a good reputation over the period of time. Among them, few are mostly recommended pressure cooker manufacturer like Prestige, Hawkins etc.

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Do you know how many types of pressure cookers are available in the market? Although the purpose is to cook food, there are many types of cookers in India as per the material they used. Let’s have a check out the types of the cooker in India.

Aluminium Pressure Cookers: These are the typical cookers we used to see in almost everyone’s home. You will find them online in various size & capacity starting from 2 liters to 22 liters. The top aluminum cooker brands in India are Pigeon, Prestige, Hawkins, Hot sun, and Varun.

Hard Anodised Pressure Cookers: This kind of cookers are comparatively better and give you faster cooking than the earlier one. As the material used is of high quality, they are also non-toxic, non-staining and corrosion-resistant. Few of the top brands offering best Hard Anodised Pressure Cookers in India are Hawkins, Prestige, and Pigeon.

Induction Pressure Cookers: Induction base cookers are in high demand and the main reason is due to the high demand for induction cooktops. Remember all types of cookers are not suitable for induction base cooktops, so you have to look for the best induction pressure cooker online only. This will not only save your gas but cook food smoothly & quickly as well. Browse through the collection of best induction cookers from Pigeon, Vinod, and Hawkins at Amazon India.

Microwave Pressure Cookers: Well, want to cook even faster? Then you can use this microwave pressure cooker, with which you can make food very fast and safe. They are a little different compared to other ones. Few of the key features of such cooker is precision weight measurement and anti-clogging mechanism. Safely plugs are installed to prevent electric shocks due to faulty wiring.

Handi Type Pressure Cookers: Now this is what I liked the most due to the size. If you are a biryani fan, then I’m sure you would also love to have a pressure cooker which looks like a handi. In fact, if you prepare the biryani recipe in the cooker, you will get the perfect softness & taste. Prestige Handi pressure cookers resemble the traditional Indian utensil named “Handi”.

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How to determine the size of the pressure cooker

The pressure cooker size and capacity totally depend upon the quantity of food you are planning to cook in general. Means it’s directly depending upon how many people you are preparing food.

Mostly for a typical family of 3-4 members, a 3-liter pressure cooker is enough for daily need. But in case you need to prepare for more than 7-8 members food, then a 5-liter pressure cooker is required. E.g. check out the prestige deluxe alpha stainless steel pressure cooker, 5.5 liters which you perfectly meet the requirement of a big family.

If you are single or bachelor then you can also go for small size cookers like 1 liter or 2-liter size. So, first of all, decide the quantity of food you need and accordingly buy the pressure cooker.

I have seen in many roadside restaurants are using prestige deluxe stainless steel pressure cooker – 10 liters. The price for the same is also not that high.

List of 10 Amazon Bestseller Pressure Cookers in India 2019

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Best handi pressure cooker India 2019

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The best stainless steel pressure cooker in India 2019

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Best pressure cooker with 3-liter capacity

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The best electric pressure cooker in India 2019

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Best Induction base pressure cookers in India 2019

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How to cook with a pressure cooker – Tips & Tricks

You can follow this simple & easily understandable video to know the very basic tips related to Indian cooking in a pressure cooker.

We have also listed the various questions / FAQs that might be in your mind before using a pressure cooker at home effectively with spending less gas & electricity.

Is it healthy to cook in a pressure cooker?

You are simply cooking in the pressure cooker and due to the air locked closed vessel kind of design, the food cooks very fast compared to normal boiling. So, in that regard we are not losing anything from food quality, rather in normal boiling there are chances of losing key minerals, but as in cooker we cook in closed container your food nutrition factors will be as it was. On top of that, the food will be very much soft and smooth for eating, as cooking takes place at high temperature.

What foods can be cooked in a pressure cooker?

You can cook anything in a pressure cooker. But remember the purpose of this cooker here, whenever you need to boil something quickly in preparation of any recipe you can use a pressure cooker. Besides that, you can also prepare cakes, puddings, etc.

What are the advantages of using a pressure cooker?

It’s very simple. You can simply save gas at home. E.g. if you boil normal dal in an open vessel, it may take 30 minutes to get soft. But in a cooker, it will hardly take 10 minutes & 3 whistles. So, simply you are saving 20 minutes of LPG gas here.

How do I cook meat in a pressure cooker?

You simply need to prepare the meat till frying and then for making it soft pressure cook it at last. E.g. if you are preparing chicken in cooker, make sure after proper frying in a separate pan or within the cooker itself, you go for at least 3 whistles. But in the case of mutton, it may take more than 10 whistles.

How long does it take to cook chicken in a pressure cooker?

I think you can get this question now from the answer to the previous one.

Which is better stainless steel or aluminum pressure cooker?

Well, from the cooking point of view there might be no such significant difference, but both types are different from a price point of view. Without any doubt aluminum cookers are lightweight, looks very good but comparatively costly.

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In case you have more queries related to the best pressure cookers in India 2018, you can write a comment below. I will try my level best to answer your queries and help you to choose the best one for your kitchen.

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